Friday, August 7, 2015

This Is Debra!

I just got this from a WINNER at losing and had to share with ya all..

Let's celebrate Debra's results!!!
Show her how proud we are!!

This is me
I have struggled with my weight most my adult life.
I was the skinny mini in high school then I got pregnant with my first.
It took a while to get back down to a size 5 and when I did I got pregnant again after that.
The weight would not go away after my 4th child.
I was 145 and just started to gain.
I was in a very un healthy relationship and the weight just kept packing on.
I was miserable my life and I turned to food.
I could not stop at just one.
I tried all kinds of diets I ate only salad for 2 weeks still no results.
Then I found skinny fiber!!!
So happy, now I have lost almost 30 lbs and over 15 inches from March to September and look and feel great!!!!


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