Thursday, July 30, 2015


WOW, Jennifer!?! How awesome is this??
Here is an updated photo of me. I have had my ups and down but i will be on Skinny Fiber for life... It makes me feel so good... I am down almost (31kg)70lb EEKKK.... I am so excited...
I started my weight loss journey on July 19/2013 an it has changed my life so much.. And it is just the beginning!!! Not only for me & my family but for everyone that I share this with... Now at this time I have lost (30kg) 69lbs an Lots of inches.
I have struggled with my weight for a very long time, i would say most of my adult life. I got married & started a family. I have never really lost the baby weight after having 3 kids, or I was just lazy & love FOOD to much! When i was pregnant with our 2nd baby i started having some health issues that we just thought was pregnancy related. Then i felt a little better after delivery, after that we had a few deaths in our family that was very sudden, an i was pregnant with our 3rd baby and it was the same thing. Finally after going to many Dr.s they said I had fybromyalgia! I have been on medication for about 1 1/2 years an i put more weight on.. Then I was told I had to have surgery on my neck & hand. I have done so many weight loss planes an I do good on them for a while then the weight comes back on an then some.... So I wanted to start a new life As you can see I had my neck surgery an I have been off my Fybromyalgia medication for about two months an I am felling amazing!!! Thank you Skinny Fiber!!!
We also have a 11 year old boy that has weight trouble also so I really am determined to have a long healthy life & teach my kids the right way to eat & stay healthy! And Skinny Fiber is starting us all on the right track!!!

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