Saturday, June 6, 2015

Check Out Patricia!

This is Patricia!

" I know you've all been wondering what losing 4 pant sizes looks like! Here it is....I finally broke down and decided to post my before and after pictures. YIKES!! 

The first pic was before I started Skinny Fiber in June of 2014 where I was wearing a size 12/14 pant (OMW!) The after picture was taken in April of 2015 wearing a size 8 dress and still currently wear a size 8 pant!! I lost more inches then weight only losing about 12-15 lbs. I've tried most everything on the market for weight loss in my 20 years of trying. I never was overweight being an athlete all my high school and college years but once that activity stopped and the older I got....boom!! All I can say now is I am so grateful for Skinny Fiber!!! It has help me get slimmer, healthier and I feel terrific!"

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