Thursday, May 28, 2015

Truth About Autoship!

This one comes from one of our top leaders. We've all had people that would like to join our team but don't like the "autoship". No one tells the truth quite like Tim.......
"I want to make what y'all are earning and change my life too but I don't like that autoship."
Call your Cell Phone company and tell em you don't want an auto-ship....Thats why you will carry a CRICKET!
Tell your Insurance company you don't like an autoship...Then get sick!
Tell your electricity company you don't like it ... wonder why you burning up in the summer trying to catch a breeze with a fan.
Tell you Loan company you don't like paying monthly and wonder why your credit jacked up and you walking!
"I pay my autoship before I pay any of my bills!" Timbo
My autoship pays me back.....BOOM!

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