Friday, May 1, 2015

Sharon's Husband

Guys... the pink bottle works!! This just in from Sharon.

"This my husband Larry he had high blood pressure and diabetic diet controlled, high cholesterol and was taking Lipitor but I read it the worst drug you can take so took him off it.  He weighed 180 and now 150!  Awesome!  He had blood work done and just got back from Doctor appointment my husband got good result... his blood test are awesome his cholesterol is where it should the Doctor said the Lipitor is working!  I said No he has not been taking it for months! He said his blood pressure is finally where it should be I comment must be the Skinny fiber! The Doctor said oh really keep taking it he was impressed I should ask for the numbers the Doctor was so surprised.   So proud of of you honey Skinny Fiber for life."

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