Friday, May 1, 2015

Check Out Ty!!

Look at Ty!!

"This is my before and current pic. As some of you in the group know about 3 months ago my neighbour/workout partner quit on me. I used that as an excuse to stop working out also. I started drinking beer and didn't have the best eating habits. Finally I looked in the mirror one day (pic on the left) and decided that there ...was no way I wanted to continue on this path. So I started exercising again by myself. Well about 2 weeks later I was introduced to skinny fiber by a friend. In about 24 days I shed 11 pounds & 10 Inches... I was amazed at how it worked for me so I decided to start promoting it...
Fast forward, yesterday I went to my neighbour/EX workout partners house for his daughters bday party, I decided to wear a tank top (lol)...The first thing he said when he saw me was "DUDE, holy ____ what are you doing? You look great, your face is so slim, you look younger. Your stomach is flat. I've got to start working out with you again." I told him, I actually workout less now than when we were working out together. So he asked whats different? I told him Skinny Fiber. He watched the video and said "Dude, I want to do the 90 day challenge" When I woke up this morning I had an email that said he went online and ordered 3 bottles...It made me feel so good that he noticed such a huge difference right away.

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