Friday, April 24, 2015

Tiffany Talks About Her Husband

Some of you guys out there need this, you know you do! Many men have tried it and succeeded in meeting their goals. Come on, don't let that pink bottle run you off!!

Tiffany wanted to share her husbands story.

He started at his heaviest 321. He was depressed and was going to have to go get a sleep study for sleep apnea. He suffers from high blood pressure, esophageal ulcers, a perforated stomach and snored like crazy.

He told me he just wanted to give up, I knew I had to do something. He was a body builder in his younger days and now his weight was mainly in his abdomen which is detrimental to your health being that big in that area. I am in healthcare so I know I needed to do something.

He had tried Healthy Trim and other countless products. I saw Skinny Fiber on my friends wall and decided to try it myself and asked my husband to join the ride with me. We started out as skeptics, out to prove the 30 day guarantee wrong.

We changed nothing for the first month except for skinny fiber and water. We were huge diet pop drinkers to begin with. We ate normal. Even before skinny fiber we did not eat fast food to begin with for every meal, but every meal vegetables and things were not on our minds. After the first month, we were hooked. No more cravings, more energy... we wanted to kick it in high gear and try working out. He used to barely get up the steps without being out of breath.

Fast forward 5.5 months, 65+lbs. lighter, countless inches, 6 pant sizes, 2 shirt sizes and more energy than you can imagine. No blood pressure pills and best yet .... HE CAN RUN!!

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