Tuesday, April 14, 2015

This Is Krystel....

Meet Krystel

 "As of July 7th, I have reached my final goal...I have lost a total of 160 lbs (aka 73 kilos). With the excess skin that needs to be removed (for which I am guessing is approx. 10 lbs), I might lose a little more. However, I am now more on maintaining my current weight. It has been such a wonderful journey. Through all its ups and downs, God has al...ways been there to give me the strength to keep going. I want to thank all my family and friends for your prayers and great words of encouragement. It is hard to do something like this alone. However, I want to encourage all those who are also trying to lose weight, you are not alone in this struggle. You have your support group, friends and family that are there by your side to help encourage you and lift you up. It may seem like your goal is so far away, but it's not. It's easier to get to the finish line if you take it one smaller goal at a time. This way you will be there in no time at all. It took just 2 years for me to be pretty much at my goal weight. When I had tried to lose a lot of weight before, it had taken me 4 years to lose 80 lbs. However, then I gained it all back plus some. God has shown my family and me the healthy and easiest way for us to lose weight. This has been a life changing journey. The way we eat is not a diet but a life change. We eat smaller portions and healthier foods. We try to stay away from processed and fried foods. I want to encourage everyone. If you are struggling, I am here for you."

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