Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Look At Amy!

This is Amy and her story. You can lose just like Amy, get your Skinny Fiber today>>> http://mare51.eatlesswithskinnyfiber.com/?SOURCE=testimony

~ "The short version, for the last decade I've dealt with depression, anxiety, addiction, and by the BMI standards being obese. I have thyroid issues and fully dependant on medication for any thyroid function. After three pregnancies I was up to 216. In may of this year I stopped a using opiates and started skinny fiber.
I have lost 42lbs and gone from a TIGHT 18 to a 12/14!!! I feel amazing, I am bubbly and happy again. I even feel sexy sometimes! I became a DT to help women and men get tier lives back, not for the money. I totally understand how women "lose themselves" when they become a wife and a mom.
I moved out of my moms house at 19 and Into my bf, )now my husband) house and began raising my step daughter FULL TIME. My whole adult life I've been a mom.....my youngest is 3 and my step daughter is now 19, I'm losing weight and finding out who I am. Skinny fiber changed my life and if I can share that with people and change even one woman's life this way, it's all worth it!

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