Thursday, April 16, 2015

Another Skinny Fiber Success

For those of you wondering what the heck Skinny Fiber is....
Skinny Fiber hits weight loss from three different angles.
Glucomannan is an all natural soluble dietary fiber ( nothing like other types of fiber that can cause extreme tummy pain) that expands up to 50 times in your stomach, helping you feel full and curb cravings. The #1 challenge to losing weight is over eating.
Caralluma is a plant from the cactus family. It is known as a natural appetite suppressant, and has been widely used in India for centuries, especially in times of famine.
Cha de Bugre is Brazil’s best kept secret to weight management. It’s ability to gently support your metabolism and provide energy is why it’s one of the favorite ingredients along beach front restaurants and refreshment stands.
7 digestive enzymes and antioxidants:*Enzymes are responsible for every single chemical reaction in every single cell of your body. The enzymes found naturally in raw foods are very sensitive to heat (cooking) and most processed foods are completely void of the enzymes your body desperately needs to properly digest your meal. If you cannot get enough nutrition from the food you take in, your body just wants more.

This is my last before and after photo. I have lost another 4 lbs and am down another size since then!! GO ME!! Planning on doing a new photo real soon, so stay tuned?! I have so much more energy and I don't get acid reflux anymore. I feel great about myself and I feel confident.

Each month supply is $59.95 but you can get the 2 and get a free one for $119.90 or the best one is the 3 get 3 free for $179.85 (shipping is like $6). Cheaper to go in with a friend and get the free ones. You will love Skinny Fiber
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