Thursday, March 12, 2015

Look At Teresa!

Just WOW!!!

My friend Teresa~~~~

My name is Teresa and I began my Skinny Fiber journey on August 26th, 2013.
I weighed in at 207lbs. I was so miserable. I wore a 2x in most of my tops and to be honest I should have been wearing a size 20 jeans, but was squeezing into a super tight 18. I had horrible acid reflux and was taking prescription nexium and still having to eat tums all day long. I had high blood pressure, diverticulitis, IBS, and esophigitis (I couldn't swallow without horrible pain). My hips, knees and ankles hurt all the time. I couldn't sleep without tossing and turning and waking up every hour trying to get into a comfortable position. I would get up in the mornings and my feet hurt so bad it was difficult walking.

I had tried so many diets, Nutrisystems, WW, diet pills, shots, Hydroxycut, Plexus, and ACE, there were others an none of them worked for me. Yes, I'd loose weight but eventually it would stall and I'd get discouraged and before I new it all the weight was back and it had brought several friends with it.

When I saw the first testimony on facebook about Skinny Fiber I read a little bit and then scrolled on past because I thought it was some scam. I kept seeing more and more testimonies, people of all ages, sizes and some of them even had the same problems I was having. I was very skeptical and it took me almost 5 months of watching and reading before I placed my order.

Really the only reason I went ahead and ordered Skinny Fiber was because I knew I could return the empty bottle and get my money back in 30 days when I proved that the product wouldn't work.

I was very hopeful when the product came in, but I did have that voice in my head telling me it was a waste of time and money. I really wanted it to work and wanted to give it my best shot, so I immediately started taking it. 2 capsules 30 minutes before lunch and dinner with a big glass of water. That's all I did.

The only lifestyle change I made was no more diet pop. I was a Diet Dr. Pepper addict. That's all I drank all day long. So switching to water was difficult, but well worth it. I immediately noticed that it didn't give me the shakes, and my heart didn't race. I also noticed by day 3 that I wasn't reaching for the Tums during the day. I wasn't waking up in the middle of the night with reflux.

 By the end of the first week I wasn't taking my Nexium anymore. I waited until my 2nd week and weighed myself and I had actually lost weight and inches!

It's now been almost 18 months. I feel great. Needless to say, I didn't return the product for my money back. All of my previous medical issues are gone. I don't have to take any prescription meds for anything. I sleep all night long and wake up feeling full of energy.

I now weigh 152lbs and I've lost tons of inches. From a 2x top and size way too tight 18 jeans in the first picture to a medium top and too big size 10 jeans in the second pic.

Believe's not a scam. It absolutely works!

You can try it for 90 days.. buy 2 get 1 free or even buy 3 get 3 free and if you are NOT happy send it back for a refund..

No other company offers this kind of risk free offer for 90 days!!!

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