Monday, February 23, 2015

This Is Karen!

More proof Skinny Fiber is not only SAFE FOR DIABETICS but is CHANGING THEIR LIVES!
Just ask Karen!
She says...This IS and WAS me!
I am now off Insulin and 4 shots each day along with sugars at 400 and higher! Off Anxiety Medication, OFF Sleeping Pills, I can actually go out of my house again and be social with people having the courage for people to see me for who I am... again.
You see this happened over a period of a few years and there was Not a DOCTOR anywhere that could find out why!!!!! Many Hospital Visits, Heart Stents, Severe Colitis (almost lost my colon) which really got my attention. During this time there were a team of about 4 ~ 5 doctors that took this case to heart and really put their heads together and found out the issue. They and the colitis made a believer out of me!
I found out prior that I had gluten problems, but was in denial, I knew I was diabetic, but again was in denial, I knew I had IBS issues but again could not grasp all this and had started this journey wearing a size 8 ~ in about 2 years was wearing a 22/24 and was in severe depression!!!!
Well one weekend the Severe Colitis started and was about 2 hours away from death when I finally gave in and went to the hospital when I could no longer get out of the bed, after going thru this for about 12-14 hours. I was immediately put into ICU and transfused for hours. Was typed and prepped for surgery. I BEGGED the surgeons and other doctors to spare me if I promised to follow everything they wanted me to do ~ and it was not going to be pleasant ~ well we made a deal ~ I had to go completely Gluten Free ~ I had to report everything I ate on a weekly basis and email it to everyone of them ~ I had to submit to some pretty disgusting testing ~ Well the long and short was it was NOT a deal with the Devil ~ they SAVED my Life ~ I lost over 100 lbs in about 6 months during that time I found Skinny Fiber and the rest is History ~ I am not back in my 8's yet, but I still have them and by this summer I will be rocking them ~ I wear 12's love my cowboy boots and short skirts, ballet flats, sweaters, leggings, jeans, short jackets, and the like! I know I do not look like I am 25 again, However, yesterday I had my 8 year old grand daughter with me and some people thought I was her MOM!!!!! LOL Well, they needed glasses, you can look at me and tell I am too old to have an 8 year old, however; it was good for the soul!!!!!!
So here is my Story for all of you on the edge ~ Skinny Fiber is all natural, no fillers, stimulants, no nothing except 3 Pure Plant Fibers and 7 digestive enzymes."
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