Thursday, February 19, 2015

May Lynn Luiz!

This beautiful lady was an inspiration to me from the first day I started taking Skinny Fiber. I touched base with her today (2-15) to see how she was doing, this is what she had to say, what a Sweetheart!!

I was asked to give and update on my weight loss journey by Mary King, so I am doing that!  I took a break from my strict eating habits during the holidays from Thanksgiving through the end of Dec.  during that time I gained 7 pounds......I didn't think that was bad at all if you had seen everything that I ate!  Hahahahaha!  Anyway come Jan. 01, 2015 I got back on my healthy eating plan and lifest...yle and really I was very happy to do it because I was beginning to feel sluggish and just not as energetic as I had been and now I have lost the 7 pounds I had gained and lost ten pounds besides I am very thrilled!  Skinny Fiber works!  I love it!  I love the way I feel and the difference that it has allowed me to reach in my goals....Hopefully by the end of this year I will have reached my goal weight....but you know what........It doesn't really matter. Everyday is a day closer and I feel and look better.......So I am as Happy as I can be!  .Thanks to all of those that helped me find this product and to encourage me to try it and to stay on it!  Love you all so much and I pray for your success as well!..Mary Lynn Luiz

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