Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Elizabeth says:
For those of you following my weight loss journey with Skinny Fiber, it's time to share another update photo. The further I make it in my journey, I am noticing the process seems to be a little slower, but I am perfectly ok with that! I don't like to talk about my weight because lets be real for a minute, it's embarrassing to admit that you have eaten your way to being so unhealthy that you hate looking in the mirror. I am finally ready to admit it. I have not told anyone this so let me just break it to the whole world! I was OVER 200 pounds when I started this journey! At a short person (or concentrated awesomeness as my friends put it) of only 5'1, being over 200# was going to kill me eventually. The first picture is when I started. I believe I took it August of last year some time? I am not positive. I sported oversized pajama pants (size 18-20 were tight but that what I wore) to hide my stomach and a tank top that was too tight (all my shirts were too small at size xl-xxl). The middle photo was taken in April earlier this year, I **think** I was down about 30 lbs in that photo. I can't be positive but that pants were a size 16 and the swimsuit top was still an XL. The last photo was on Saturday (11/22/14) My pants are a size 12 fitting a little on the loose side and the sweater is a small large (more like a medium I would say!) and I am officially down just over 55 pounds! I never thought I would ever make it this far. My new year's resolution was to be healthier, and while I tried not to set a number goal, I think we all do when we are this overweight. I secretly set my goal for 35 pounds. I WAY surpassed that goal! The year isn't even over yet! I have high hopes that by this time next year I will have met my weight goal and be toned and even more comfortable in my body than I already am!
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