Friday, January 9, 2015

Tammy's Latest Update!!

ONLY 6 days left for FREE AGELESS!!!

This is Tammy !!!
I can NOT even put into words how Skinny Fiber has changed my life! I am blown away by the differences, not only in my appearance, but my HEALTH!
I just LOVE the new me! I am not at my goal yet, but am getting closer to it EVERY day! I am down 86 pounds in 19 months.... I don't even FEEL like the same person as in the first pic... does skinny fiber work? ... hmmm... l feel safe in saying that if you take it properly AND consistently, than yes, yes it works AMAZING!
I have been through a LOT of health issues the past 4-5 years, (thyroid removed, hiatal hernia fixed and overcame so many obstacles), but now that I have FINALLY got them all dealt with, I am starting to live and enjoy life again! no more depression pills or steroids either! LOVES it I do!
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