Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Starting Tips!

For all of you who are about to get your SKINNY ON!! YOU GOT THIS!!

For all of you who have just received your Skinny Fiber I am SO Excited for you!!!!

When you start Skinny Fiber, weigh yourself then--do not weigh again for at least 2 weeks.....
Either do your measurements or find a pair of jeans that are too small to be your guide..
These 2 things are the only things that show real FAT loss.
And remember to take 2 capsules 30-60 minutes before you 2 biggest meals....
Drink a lot of water and just limit the processed carbs!! You will be amazed.
Try to stop eating before you are full--- with SF it expands in the stomach and causes you to eat less so do not over eat -might get a tummy ache!
Those wanting faster and better results should drink at least 64 oz of water each day--flavored if you want to with something with no calories, the more the better!! You really should drink 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water! (weigh 180lbs drink 90 oz water)
Also to anyone that says they feel hungry when they take it, it is because you are not getting enough water, dehydration causes the false sense of hunger. Plus the more you drink the more the Glucomannan in Skinny Fiber expands to increase fullness.
Just a few tips!!!N ever let yourself get hungry and always come to the group for motivation--and support
Take before picture Try to remember the clothes and wear the same--- good to have snug clothes on!! That way when the 2 are side by side can really see the difference.
Some lose super fast!!! Some lose slower. Some notice a difference right away and others do not feel anything at all!! Some during the first week or so during the detox phase may gain a few pounds scale weight--this is not fat gain--- it is your body preparing to correct itself!!!- Some diet and exercise and some do not! SF first starts working on the issues that are slowing the metabolism down, by correcting the body naturally and preparing it for weight loss--that is done by the detox that takes place in the first few days or even weeks. The more off balance the body is, the longer it will take to see weight loss. Have had several that said they began to notice the weight or inch loss at the very end of the first bottle.... some even do better with an extra dose--- but will work for more people than any other nutritional weight loss product on the market!!!!
-that is why we have the 30 day empty bottle guarantee!!!

 If you haven't ordered yet, do so before Jan 15 to get the free offer!!

This has been so successful -- WE HAVE EXTENDED IT through Jan 15th 2015
When you order 2 bottles of Skinny Fiber you also get
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