Saturday, January 3, 2015

Kristina Rockin' Her Skinny Fiber!!

Wow, Kristina is really rockin' her Skinny Fiber!

This is difficult for me to post, because it is me. It is personal, but I think that you all need to put a familiar face with a great product!

Time for me to post my own progress picture I suppose. I have been taking SF since Nov 2013 off for about 3 months during Jan, Feb, Mar 2014. I began when I was 411 pounds at 5'4" tall. Needless to say it was very hard to move around. I was diabetic and on 3 different medications to control my sugar. Now, in Sept 2014 I am 332 pounds and on NO SYNTHETIC medications for my diabetes at all. I control it entirely with diet and exercise. I take 6 SF pills a day total, 2 before each meal. My meal size is incredibly lower, I drink water like nobody's business, and I can actually walk without pain and discomfort. I am far from done, now that I know what a wonderful product SF is, I have become a distributor to help others get healthy as well.

I actually have a number size on my jeans now, when I began I could literally only wear those stretchy cloth pants that have only XXXXL on them and no number...I am so happy to be in a number size!

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