Monday, January 19, 2015

Crab Stuffed Bacon Cups

YUM!!!...and perfect for the low carbers

Crab Stuffed Bacon Cups

Really good for a meal, or as an appetizer!!
1 lb Bacon
1 lb lump Crabmeat
1 block (8 oz) Cream cheese, softened
1 1/4 C Sharp Cheddar Cheese, grated
2 tsp Old bay
1 1/2 tsp mustard powder
1 stalk celery, very finely chopped

Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees
Cut bacon in 1/3s for regular cupcake tins, or into 1/4 for minis
Lay bacon in tins, criss crossing, to cover the cup.

*note, I like to precook my bacon a wee bit to make it a little crisper, just cook until it is starting to turn, but is still soft enough to line the cups with.
In a small bowl add your crab, cream cheese, 1 C shredded cheddar cheese, old bay, mustard and celery.

Feel free to share with family and friends

REMEMBER!! WATCH YOUR PORTIONS! I have found that many do best when they control their portions rather than deny themselves food!

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