Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cowboy Cornbread

Cowboy Cornbread

2 pounds of Ground Beef....
2 cans Rotel.
1 can Ranch Style Beans
2 packages of Mexican style cornbread mix OR 2 packages of your favorite 8x8 pan cornbread mix
1 can cream style corn
Shredded cheese of your choice

 preheat oven to 350 F.

Now at this step you need to brown & season hamburger meat, drain. Then add two cans of drained Rotel tomatoes and one can of Ranch style beans. Simmer 10 mins.

Now you need to mix 2 packages of cornbread per directions. And then add a can of cream style corn to cornbread mix, toss in shredded cheese of choice and stir.

Now pour 1/2 of your cornbread mix in the bottom of the greased 9x13* pan, pour meat mixture, top with more shredded cheese, pour remaining cornbread mix on top.

 So now bake at 350 F till cornbread is done. Refer to pkg instructions for baking time(s).

REMEMBER!! WATCH YOUR PORTIONS! I have found that many do best when they control their portions rather than deny themselves food!

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