Thursday, January 1, 2015

Annette Has Done Amazing!!

If Annette can do it, so can you, so can I, so can we....We've got this, let's GO!

Annette's progress with Skinny Fiber!

"I cannot recall how I came into that Weight Loss Support Group, all I do know, Courtney's testimony helped save my life. I cried and cried till I had no more tears to give. And I went to the bathroom mirror and said God if she can do it, then so can I.

Yes folks it took me 7 months to get the weight off (42 pounds). I've got about 50 more pounds and I will be at goal. I will always continue to take skinny fiber just lower dose per day. The enzymes are essential to my (our) health. If I can do it look in the mirror, you can too!!!!"

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