Saturday, December 6, 2014

Who Wants To Try Skinny Fiber???

110lbs GONE !!!!!
Hello my name is Holly I have been on Skinny Fiber about 9 months now and I have went from 291lbs to 181lbs i have lost 110lbs and still going strong and you should know I am in a wheelchair and I have been since I was 18..and I have still lost a great amt of weight without exercise .I have went from a size 26 to a size 12..

But not only have I lost weight but My health has made a huge change..

I No longer have Acid Reflux issues, my IBS is GONE.. Skinny Fiber has really Given me back my life without it I don't know where i would be.. I just wished i would of started it sooner.. I was so Unhappy and Unhealthy before finding skinny fiber. But now I am much healthier and happier.

PS... Holly was told she would never have children... She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy last month!!!!

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