Monday, December 1, 2014

This Is Tina!


Tina says:

"35 lbs down started Skinny Fiber June 13 2013 ... Inches have no idea but lost a lot inches first with Skinny Fiber 4 life ....

Hello everyone here is my Skinny Fiber update! Hi my name is Tina , I am 38 years old I mother of 2 kids first grand baby on the way ... As far as weight I was 205 and know I am at 170lbs, went from a size 20~22 to 13~14 snugged.

I am not on no special diet, eat healthy portion and moderation and drink plenty of water water, water ... now when I look in the mirror, I see a whole new person that feels great about them self I am glad I choose to start Skinny Fiber because it rocks.

I have not eaten sweets or drank pop in over 5 months. Skinny Fiber took the sweet cravings away. I love my fruit and vegetables, yes, I might have a cookie or a piece of cake but I don't finish it ....

I love my Skinny Fiber, and once I reach my goal weight, I will still be using it because it has a lot of health benefits. Yes, Skinny Fiber Rocks and just not dealing with acid reflux, monthly cramps, and headaches, no more meds for my anxiety, was enough to win me over. I stumbled across a weight loss page where I was seeing before and after picture's and seen the great results and seen someone ask about Skinny Fiber. I asked what it was and that is when I started my journey ...

Have not been to a gym in along time or even exercise ... I walk 5 miles a day and keep myself busy busy because it relieves stress and anxiety. Right know I am focusing on getting the weight off because I am not able to breath and can't do much as much as I want but being on Skinny Fiber has changed me, I breath better, feel better have more energy ... I will not go back to where I was.

I want to enjoy my life be able to enjoy my grandchildren so now I eat to live ;)) BELIEVE ME IF YOU TRIED SKINNY FIBER, YOU WOULD SAY I WISH I WOULD HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THIS ALONG TIME AGO ... Pictures say it all ......"


There you have it from Tina She set her mind on losing weight and is doing her best. She's right ... the pictures say it all

Ready to join her in the Skinny Fiber weight loss challenge?

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