Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This Is Kim!

This is Kim!
 It is still hard for me to share my before photo - but after 5 babies and 4 of those babies in 6 years, 5 c-sections, bed rest from early on in pregnancies, gestational diabetes, high, high blood pressure that is what happened to my poor body. Am I proud of it ??? NOPE, but it was my reality. I know I was in bad shape. I know I needed help, but I could NOT do it alone. I t...ried and... tried and tried. It was Skinny Fiber or surgery for me. I have always been the "big" girl in school. I have always been the girl who would try extreme diets to try to lose weight, and in the end I was always the unhappy, over weight girl who put on a smile and try to live life to the fullest. But deep down inside - I lived life depressed and unhappy. It wasn't until I tried Skinny Fiber, and saw results, and still could eat healthy normal foods, that I finally felt like I was worth something. I am not say Skinny Fiber is a miracle pill - but because it does what it says it is going to do - and because I have seen results, I am losing weight, feeling younger and more energetic then I ever have, and I am healthy and happy. I have a new found love for myself and life. I am down over 100 pounds, 6 clothing sizes.

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