Tuesday, December 2, 2014

This Is Joni!!

Wow what a year this has been for me!!!! Many of you know I have started Skinny Fiber for NOTHING else worked for me. I kept following so many of the posts and things kept catching my eye, finally said ok let’s try it nothing too loose since there is a 30 day empty bottle return.

Honestly my first few months I changed nothing, ate the same did no exercise at all. I have been healing from a car accident that keeps me down. The holiday’s came around and I said no changes would be made, LOL joke was on me for I felt full faster and the junk no thanks. Would take a taste or two and pass.

Now when I started I was on medication for several illnesses I live with on a daily basis’s. Would you believe I am off all my GERD medication, have not relied on pain medication to go out to do something like an average person and best of all my migraines have basically disappeared, have one now and then nothing as in the past. Most of all my fibromyalgia is way down. I can today go out walk around and not end up down for a few days afterwards. I can exercise this summer I was riding my bike 5-8 miles every few days in a week. Now I am working on a harder work out push myself no pain no gain. One more thing to say I SLEEP all night. I had this habit sleep for an hour or two up for several all night long. Now I can go to sleep and get 6-8 hours of straight sleep love it!!!

I will say I am down 50 pounds and inches I stopped keeping track way too many to figure out at this time. Sizes are down as well started in a tight 16 and now am in what is a lose 12. I can wear medium sweats, t-shirts and other items no more 2XL.

This is the time of the year I started so why not start to see where you are a year from now. Great support my passion is to share healthy life styles with all I know to enjoy life be happy.

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