Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tammy's Latest Update!

Pictures tell only a part of the story. I love hearing Tammy's updates.

"Imagine, just a short year ago I was on sick leave, couldn't work or anything, was at 232 pounds and didn't have the strength OR energy to get off my couch!

I had my thyroid removed about 4 years ago, and the weight just seemed to pile on from there, no matter how many hours I spent on my treadmill or how much chicken and lettuce I ate... This year in August I had a Hiatal hernia repaired and part of my stomach removed as it was strangulated.

Fast forward to NOW... 172 pounds! I work full time, do yoga 3 times a week and LOVE it, still cooks dinners, cleans and runs errands on the weekends AND still has energy left over!

I would never post a pic like this before, but I'm starting to love ME again! I have work to do for sure, but I have come so far and am so proud of myself and the health and weight issues that I have overcome!
Stay tuned for more improvements and accomplishments as they come!
And to think, I wouldn't have even started on this journey if I didn't suck it up and order skinny fiber!"

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