Tuesday, December 2, 2014

No Dieting!

People occasionally ask why do I post unhealthy recipes as well as healthy ones? Well here's my answer...

1st. Not everyone that I'm friends with needs to lose weight!

2nd. I know a lot of my friends like to cook for their friends and families, like I do, to celebrate holidays and other special occasions and...

3rd.(and most importantly) I don't believe in ever denying yourself!

I believe if you tell yourself you CAN'T eat something then your setting yourself up for failure! I know personally the minute I tell myself that I can't eat something my mind and body start screaming for it! Life is short and I believe in being HAPPY!!! Eat a treat every now and then! I just don't do it often and I don't eat a lot of it when I do! Remember, Portion Control!!

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