Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Migraine Reliever!

Migraines can really put a damper on the holidays if you suffer with them. There are so many different medications out there from doctors that it can be hard to figure out which one works. Here are a few "home remedies" to try if you are just looking for some quick relief!!!

Black Walnuts: I have no idea where mom found this remedy when I was growing up, but it suggested that a handful of black walnuts 2-3 times per week can help alleviate migraines. I don't know the connection, but I do know that when we started doing this, the frequency of my migraines declined slightly.

Food Triggers: There are actually many chemicals that are in foods that have been known to trigger migraines. Two of the MOST common additives are MSG (mono sodium glutemate) and aspartame. MSG is famously found in Chinese food, but also in seasoned salt, salty snacks, prepared soups, many low-fat and low-cal foods, and even veggie burgers. Aspartame is found in many sweeteners or diet drinks-- unfortunately for me, it is also a prime ingredient in Kool-Aid, which I drank by the gallon as a child.

Water Consumption: When we don't drink enough water, our blood volume can drop and it can do strange things to our brains. Our bodies need a certain amount of water in order to function. Not drinking enough water seems to be one of the most overlooked symptoms of migraines, and one of the easiest to treat--- http://migraine.com/blog/migraine-triggers-dehydration/

While there are many other things that can cause migraines, these are the 3 that I have found to be the most common and that I have experienced first hand. To this day, I still eat black walnuts on a weekly basis if I have them available to me. I hope this helps a little bit!!!

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