Sunday, December 7, 2014

Jasmine And Her Story!

This is our Jasmine, why do I say "our" Jasmine? Because she believes in Skinny Fiber so much, she's made it her home-based business and last week, she arose to the "platinum" level in the company with an average income of $3600 a month.....that's not a typo, I said thirty-six HUNDRED! We not only have the best product in the weight loss industry but we have the best compensation plan out there, our CEO is VERY generous! Here's what Jasmine has to say.................I need to correct the above, Jasmine didn't go to platinum, she went on up to DIAMOND....that comes with an average of over 20 THOUSAND a month! Boy did I cut her short!!

Why I do promote Skinny Fiber? Why I do post healthy recipes daily and progress pics of members and myself? Because the product is awesome!! All natural, no stimulants, no crash diets but just a healthy super all natural supplement packed with enzymes to help eliminate toxins and gets your body prepared to let go of the fat -- permanently!! Why a distributor for the product?? Because I love promoting it, love what it's done for me, healthwise, and financially as well! I get to stay home all week long as a stay as home mommy, I get to work in my home, be there for my girls and I get to go to all their school events or stay home with them if they're sick. I'm also a Board Certified BSN RN who loves being a Nurse as well, so I choose to work on the weekends. Health/Fitness/Wellness - that's what my life is all about and I love sharing it with everyone!! It truly has been the best of both worlds!! Check out the product, check out the opportunity that YOU can be involved in and join me in helping people everyday fighting the war against weight!! Skinny Body Care -- we're in our 4th year and exploding! Come join us!!

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Work from home in your jammies and flip flops with your kids right beside you! No inventory, no door to door, no parties, everything is done on the internet!
Come join my team and spread the good news of Skinny Fiber.

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