Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This Is Hollie!


So here is my story!
I have always been a bigger girl. I think the smallest I ever have been was after I left my ex husband and i was down to 175 pounds. Trust me that wasn't healthy either. I wasn't allowed to eat.
Shortly after I met Jacob. You start to get comfortable and the pounds packed on. I tried the gym with a friend, that didn't work very well.
I tried this and that over the years but always put the weight back on.
2 months ago I started taking Skinny Fiber and i didn't tell anyone. I wanted to see for my self before I said anything.
I was 274 pounds, uncomfortable in my skin. Self conscious, just didn't like where I was.
2 weeks my IBS (not officially diagnosed) was gone. No more sour belly at all! I stopped to pop and water was my new best friend. Watched my plate size, only used smaller dinner plates. Didn't really change what I ate though.
After the first month I weighed myself. Down 10 pounds! I'm like ok this is cool. I like this.
2nd month I started watching what I ate. My midnight cravings pretty much stopped. If I wanted something sweet I had a small amount. Few days ago at work weighed my self again. Down another 15! Total of 25 so far!
I have been doing Zumba in my livingroom when I can. And still drinking my water! In my afternoons I don't feel as tired I have more energy!
I'm not saying this is for everyone but it has helped me!
I can't wait to see what happens in the future! I can fit into jeans I haven't worn since I had Nora. Yes there is a price and all but think of your life. Diabetes on both side of my family, along with a list of other things.
I'm stepping off my soap box now
Thanks for reading
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