Sunday, November 9, 2014

Look At Tori!!

WTG Tori!!!!!!! Huge success!!!
I started taking Skinny Fiber almost 6 weeks ago. I had become prediabetic and I weighed 283 pounds. I had watched and followed Sue and Skinny Fiber for about a year and a half. I saw all of the success stories, but never believed that a "diet" pill could work, and if it did work then it certainly wasn't healthy...... Anyways, after watching and researching I decided to try it. At my 30 day weigh in I was down 21 pounds (along with diet and exercise) I also am no longer getting any high reads when I check my blood sugar. For people who are serious about loosing weight and getting healthy, Skinny Fiber does work. It is not a magic pill that is going to make you loose weight without changing your lifestyle at all. I love my Skinny Fiber and I really wish I would not have waited a year and a half to start taking it!!

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