Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Look At Susanne!

WOW This is the day for Testimony's

I'm super EXCITED to share this success story with ya'll!!! Susanne is DOWN 21 POUNDS HER 1ST 2 MONTHS on Skinny Fiber!!!! From a size 12 to a size 8!!!!!
She says...
"I am very excited. I am especially excited because it's worked on me....a gal in menopause with hypothyroidism....also I only needed to lose just 18 to be in my normal now the next 5-7 pounds will put me in mid BMI which is as low as I want to be. My size 8s all feel great again. I'd started buying bigger sizes. I lost 80 pounds 12 years ago on WW and had kept it off until this dumb menopause and thyroid thing hit. As of yesterday I'm back at WW goal weight!"

"I love SF....still haven't had any sugar, breads , etc.....tons of energy and feel in control!!!! Thanks again for your inspiration!!!!""

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