Saturday, November 1, 2014


Connie, you LOOK like a new person, too! Way To Go!!!

Here is Connie and what she had to say!

"I decided to try skinny fiber because I saw so many great testimonials of people that had great results with it. I've only been on the product now less than 7 weeks and I've lost 17.5 lbs and lots of inches. I have found that I sleep so much better and don't need as much sleep which is really a big thing for me as I have severe fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue....I also have been able to cut way back on my pain meds...I didn't really aim to do just happened, because I wasn't as sore anymore! Another thing I've noticed is that I don't crave all the sweets and junk foods that I used to crave. I am SO thrilled, and can't wait to see myself in a few months time! This photo is after taking it for only 6 weeks. I've lost more since this picture was taken too! My husband and I are just thrilled! I'm SO happy to finally find something that works! I feel like a new person!"

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