Thursday, November 13, 2014


Such a caring idea

It's that time of the year again and although we should do this year round, remember the people who are not as fortunate as you! Even in my neighborhood, there are homeless people, and I don't judge what may have happened to them. This Thanksgiving and holiday season, give back and see how you feel by GIVING instead of wanting, needing and taking.

"Blessing Bags" to keep in the car when you pass homeless people. Something special you can do with your children or grandchildren to teach them about caring/giving for those in need!


INGREDIENTS: (just ideas, make up your own!)
Gallon Size Ziplock bags
Chap stick
Packages of tissues
Travel size toothbrush and toothpaste
Travel size mouthwash
Hotel size shampoos
Shaving cream
Trail mix
Granola bars
Pack of gum
Band aids
Coins or predetermined dollar amount, say 5.00 (could be used to make a phone call, or purchase a food item)
Hand wipes
You could also put in a warm pair of socks
A packet rain poncho
Tampons (for women)
A nice note or card telling them they are loved!

The ideas could be endless!

Assemble all the items in the bags, and maybe throw in a note of encouragement. Seal the bags and stow in your car for a moment of providence...or....drop some off at a food shelter place.

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