Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This Is Diana!

This is Diana

"My highest weight was 249 pounds several years ago. I was miserable..

I went to see a psychologist and after several visits he said to me "you are NOT fat because of health reasons..you are NOT fat because of a stressful life...you ARE fat because you do not eat healthy or exercise. STOP blaming everything in your life...START blaming the one person who is lifting that fork and putting food in your mouth"..

WOW...after I got over my "who does he think he is" and actually thought about what he said. I worked hard and got back down to 120 pounds. HAPPY again..

My late husband suffered with cancer for two years before he died in 2006. During that time the pounds started creeping up..147 pounds...my sons told me to "get my act together or I would be over 200 again." I lost back down to 120 AGAIN..

Then 4 years ago I met my new husband...we were married 3 years ago. He loves to go out to eat...Guess what...147.2 pounds AGAIN. My doctor introduced me to Skinny Fiber and on 6/24/2013 I started taking it...As of 10/27/2013 I am back down to 120 pounds and SMILING. I will always keep SF on hand..

I WILL NOT gain that weight back..because this time I didn't lose it...I GOT RID of it with the help of SF.." Find more about skinny fiber and start your weight loss journey today.

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