Sunday, October 19, 2014

Look At Janet!

This is Janet and in her words about what Skinny Fiber has done for her...
What do you all think ???
Hi, My name is Janet and I am 53,and a painter by trade. This year has been a learning experience for me. I have achieved my GED this year in hopes of finding a better job. Painting is very rewarding but, also very hard on your body. I have been going through menopause and all it has to offer...lo...l Low metabolism,hot-flashes,mood swings...ect. I also have high blood pressure,high cholesterol, and acid reflex. My sister-in-law tried to tell me about Skinny Fiber one day. It went in one ear and out the other. Until,I saw her a month later..WOW !!! I was listening now about this Skinny Fiber !!! I was so impressed, I not only went home and order Skinny Fiber..My starting weight was 186lbs. 14 lbs. away from being 200lbs. So depressing!!I could not pay to lose a pound and any diet was only short lived. When,I got dressed everyday,I had to find clothes to cover up the fat...I felt so bad !!! We all must feel good in our on skin. When we look good, we feel good, that only leads to a positive attitude in life !!! I no longer take BP or acid reflex meds, I am working on my cholesterol, as of today it is 213. My doctor wants it at 200.I will get it down with my Skinny Fiber and exercise. Oh,I didn't tell y'all..I have not exercise in my 90 day challenge..Only to see if what Skinny Fiber claimed would happen. The proof is in the picture!!! Skinny Fiber works !!! Today I am not only down 23 lbs. 31.5 inches..I feel fanatic my energy is amazing everyday !!! I only wished I found Skinny Fiber sooner..
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