Sunday, October 19, 2014

Check Out Kirk!!

Kirk's got a new song now, thanks to Skinny Fiber and will power!!

Kirk! FYI He did the captioning in his testimonial pic -Lol!
His testimonial is awesome!
"I am an orchestra conductor. January 2013, I received the before photo in an email from an engagement with the Saskatoon Symphony in Canada. I was shocked at how my weight had ballooned upwards over the years because I am an active person. I began to alter my lifestyle in an intense way and I added Skinny to my daily routine. My friend...s seemed shocked that I have become such an advocate for the product. That's ok. Today I am nearly to my goal of having lost 70 pounds. My life has been changed for the better with the assistance of Skinny Fiber. I hope that for those who know me and need to commit to improving their health that they will seek to take a chance and make it better (shameless Beatles reference). For those who don't know me, while there is some solution for everyone, I am a part of SBC now because the product works, and I am living proof of it. Anybody need an entire wardrobe of larger clothes? I have them here for the taking!" ~Kirk
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