Sunday, October 19, 2014

Check Out Gail!

HI, my name is Gail...

Lol. That sounded like I'm about to admit I have a problem. Well I guess I do. A weight problem. As much as I HATE seeing my before picture... I know I am helping people by sharing my story. I would have never posted my pics before. EVER! I avoided the camera like the plague!

This post is from my first 90 Day Challenge. I lost 11.2 inches in under 3 weeks!! 40lbs gone in 90 days! How did I do this? I took Skinny Fiber REGULARLY and drank LOTS and LOTS of WATER (this is key) I ate mostly low carb. I didn't stick to the low carb through the whole 90 days to be honest. But I made healthier food choices, and limited my treats, which I still was able to have. I just kept taking my Skinny Fiber and drinking tons on water. Still it kept melting off!! I fell of the wagon at Christmas time... Still kept taking SF and drinking my water. Did not gain back any weight. In fact i lost some more! (not recommended) Lol.

I started taking Skinny Fiber to lose weight. But then I started to notice other changes... Within days, I was sleeping better, had more energy, and no more heartburn! I noticed that my hair grew faster, thicker and looked healthier! My nails are even stronger. I used to get a lot of migraines and now hardly any at all. Coincidence? I think not! I LOVE Skinny Fiber and I will always keep taking it!

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