Monday, September 29, 2014

This Is Sherry!

Sherry Looking Great!!! Awesome!
Here is my latest update!!
Ok here is ME after my second baby at 198.4 lbs.
When he was born I was 217 lbs.!! In 10 months on my own I managed to get down to 198.4. Then I was introduced to skinny fiber!
I started in the beginning of Feb. 2013 and took it till the beginning of April and lost 13 lbs.! Then I decided to stop taking it for a few months to see if the ...weight would come back... It did NOT!! I have started taking it again for about a month now and I am down 20.3lbs!! My acid reflux has stopped, I sleep better and have WAY more energy!!
I am a Skinny Fiber user for life!!!
Please if your skeptic just try it!! You won't regret it!! I don't!!!

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