Sunday, September 28, 2014

Good Job Sue!!

***WOO HOO SUE...She is doing AWESOME***

Did I plan for the first picture to have such crazy hair and look so awful? Absolutely not. But I think back to that day, and realize how out of control I felt. The next picture is 9/20/13. Different clothes and different hair, I feel better, I look better and I wanted to look prettier. I'm still on my weight loss journey, I would love to take off 18 more ...pounds by Nov 15th. I sleep better (I require less) and have so much more energy. My back problems have greatly diminished.

I know you're thinking, Sue..enough rambling get on with it. I measure weekly (thankfully). I'm down 2 1/2 inches overall for a total of 22 1/4 inches since I began almost 6 weeks ago. My weight did go up just under pound. Not sure why, but it did. I promised when I began my Skinny Fiber journey, I'd be truthful and honest to everyone, and myself too. I track and write everything down. I see a pattern ~~ 4 weeks ago, I also gained a little. I have one ovary, so I'd assume I still ovulate. I will be watching this to see if it's a trend. Am I upset with the bet (thought about a pony tail chop, just briefly . Am I discouraged, no way. I will get back up, dust myself off, and begin again. I will take my almost 12 lb loss and 22 1/4 inches loss and celebrate (but not with food LOL, ok maybe a beer or two)! Next week..I will drink more water (I know I harp on that, but I don't think I drank as much water as I usually do)."

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