Sunday, September 28, 2014



So -- Dermatend -- not sure if you guys are familiar with it, but there was a Livingsocial deal on this product, removes moles, skin tags, etc and my friend was raving about it so when I saw the special, I wanted to try it for some annoying skin tags left from my pregnancies.  Most of them have went away, but as you women with children know, weird stuff happens to our bodies when we're pregnant and afterwards with all the extra hormones and then the sudden drop of hormones after birth.  Anyway, I never received this, went to check the status since I ordered it in June, and then saw a notice about this -- FDA recall on ALL Dermatend products!!  So anyway long story short -- if you have this product, please see the website and send it back -- they are going through all distributions and wholesalers they have offered this to, to do a major recall!  Thank goodness I never received it or used it!  The notice was just put out on 8/28/14!  Thought I pass it along to you guys just in case!  Will post on my timeline too, so if you know anyone who has used this or bought it, you can tag on them it!  This is their website to read about the recall and how to get your money refunded:

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