Wednesday, August 27, 2014

This Is Donna And She Is Amazing!!!

This is Donna and she is amazing!!!!


The picture on the top is of me (glasses) and my friend Deborah taken at a alumni social about a year ago. As you can see my weight was at an all time high! I was on meds for diabetes, hypertension, and hypothyroidism. M...y energy and stamina was NONEXISTENT, and I was always in pain from the excess weight on my small frame. It was like I was always depressed because of my obesity so I ate to self medicate. You see I am a recovering emotional eater. Whenever I was depressed, lonely, anxious, or bored (which was most of the time) I ate junk food to medicate the pain inside me. The trouble was I was getting fatter and my health was failing, and to top it off the emotional issues remained! (By the way I'm going to start a support group on face book for Emotional Eaters. I think that this is a MAJOR cause of overeating which leads to obesity.)
In January this year A good friend of mine introduced me to a company called SKINNY BODY CARE which produces the awesome weight management product Skinny Fiber. I TOOK THE SKINNY FIBER 90 DAY CHALLENGE and began using taking the product (2 capsule with plenty of water before my largest two meals each day.)
Although the first month was all about the detox/ bathroom phase, I immediately noticed a change in my energy level and stamina. I could also move around without so much pain which made me want to do light exercises.
After about 2 months on Skinny Fiber I noticed that my eating habits had changed. I no longer felt hungry all the time and when I did eat it was mostly raw veggies fruits, and baked chicken or fish. My cravings for junk had almost disappeared, and I also drank up to a gallon of water every day!
The picture on the bottom was taken last month! I've lost approx. 15 lbs, and 12-14 inches over all. I finished my FIRST 90 day challenge AND I AM WEARING M Y 90 DAY CHALLENGE T-SHIRT! I didn't realize how much I'd actually lost until I put these pictures together. What a difference! To top it off I'm no longer on meds for diabetes because my A1C levels are all normal, and my BP has been normal since January! I feel much better and I'm doing GREAT!! I'M IN THE PROCESS OF MY 2ND 90 DAY CHALLENGE! Stay tuned.....
Friends keep in mind this weight did not come on me overnight and it won't come off overnight. It takes time to lose weight healthily and I'm worth the effort it's taking to get there, so I'll be patient.
I'm a firm believer in Skinny Fiber because as you can see the proof is in the pictures and a picture is worth 1000 words! Friends I'm telling you Skinny Fiber is no joke, it FLAT OUT WORKS! IT CHANGED MY LIFE!


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