Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sheryl........Great Job!!!

WOW, Sheryl C. has done Awesome!!

~ "I have been fighting this battle with weight most of all my adult life. I was always told, "You look better BIG". "You would not look right losing alot of weight." "It's in your Genes". "Why you want to lose so much Weight?" "You look Great with the Hips & Butt". I began to feed on those statements and started to believe those statements were true. 1st I had face the fact that hey, I let myself get this way. I had to forgive myself for letting my unhealthy eating habits get me to this point. I had to trace back when this pattern started and as far as i can remember is when I lost my dad and my brother at a young age due to heart attacks. I used food as a cover up for my pain. Even though the doctors gave me a clean bill of health I was still a walking time bomb. Because of my family history. High blood pressure, sugar diabetes, high cholesterol, gout, cancer all runs in my family. As you get older most times these problems arises and it is NOW that I am getting my weight issue and healthy eating habits under control. I have a very young family that needs me around for a long time and that's why I am getting myself together. (For my family)

I am 5'9 tall and my heaviest weight was 289 pounds. I am now weighing 264 pounds and I have lost alot of inches. I don't have high blood pressure, no cholesterol problems, or no sugar diabetes. I have changed my diet, I take my Skinny Fiber consistently, I drink water water and more water, and I have started to exercise.

I know many of you are out their that is battling these issues and I want you to know that Skinny Fiber can help you. Give it a try. If you can relate to my story at all, and want or need some purpose in your life or even want to lose some weight when all else has failed you.  You’ll definitely be happy you did!"

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