Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kim and Her Story!

LOVE seeing updates from Kim! She met her goal with skinny fiber, and maintained it for 8 months after she stopped taking it. Now she's back for round 2 with a new goal in mind! Great job Kim, you Look fantastic!

Here's what she has to say: "Ok i hate posting photos that show my belly fat but i want to show off how far I've come. My belly needs toned up so guess its time to do planks lol but i used to look like Ms Pac man and now my sides are curvy and my belly fat is not near what it was. I lost my belly in 4 months went from looking 9 mos pregnant to this size, my waist has been coming in and arms legs getting smaller the last month too.

I used skinny fiber then stopped 8 months and didn't gain anything back. I started again a month ago to get to a second goal and have lost 13 inches all over and feel great. SKINNY FIBER SAVED MY LIFE!!!!"

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