Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kim And Her Story!!

Awesome Kim!!!! ...Here is her story....

 Okay here it is…..this is hard for me and I hope it isn't too long.
 Hi y'all……This is me, Kim.
 I am an emotional eater and I have been a yo-yo dieter since I was a teenager. Here is my journey. Back at the end of 2009, my mother found out her Breast Cancer had metastasized to her brain. My mom was my best friend, my confidant, a very big part of my world. I decided to quit my job and spend every moment taking care of her and spending all my time with her. The doctor put her on steroids to shrink her tumor and this caused her to be hungry all the time. So we ate together, and when she rested, I ate alone. Food gave me comfort and I started to gain weight. I did not care what I looked like and just stayed in sweat pants or leggings all the time. Mom was my focus. I basically just ate, spent time with mom, and rested. I was depressed but wanted to hide it all from her, she needed all her strength to fight her battle. The doctors said she would have about 6 weeks to 3 months, well thankfully, she lived for 13 more months. I spent all my time with her and I am so glad that I did. I do not regret one moment. When she died in January 2011, I went into a deep, deep depression, basically just eating whatever was in front of me and then sleeping the rest of the day. I was miserable. At the end of February, I woke up and decided I didn’t want to be like this, I was going to fight it, just like my mom fought her cancer. She was my guide. I signed up for online weight watchers. I did not want to be in public fighting this battle so I did it online. I ate my 29 weight watcher points every day. I was very disciplined. My goal was to feel better and shed these unwanted pounds and unhealthy eating habits. It took me almost 2 years to lose 35 pounds (I am by nature a slow looser) but I stuck with it. Then I hit a plateau and just could not lose any more weight. I had about 15 more pounds I wanted to get rid of but it would NOT come off. When I hit my plateau and did not lose any weight for over 3 months, I quit doing weight watchers and gained a couple of pounds back. A few weeks later, I talked to my Aunt Bonnie and my cousin, Courtney, They were having great success with a product called Skinny Fiber. I researched it carefully, because I did not want a stimulant. I liked all that I read about it being all Natural and packed with enzymes so I decided to give it a try.

 In June 2013, I started decided to take the Skinny Fiber 90 Day Challenge. I really like it, it helps me with my portion control, I feel full faster and drink lots of water. Halfway through the 2nd bottle I started losing weight again. I am so excited. I have also been walking for 30-45 minutes at least 5 days a week. I participate in at least one fitness challenge a month to work different muscles and build some strength so I can burn calories at a faster pace. I was addicted to sweet tea and I cut it out (I never really drank water..but now 90 percent of what I drink is water). I do splurge every so often when I am on a vacation or a special occasion, but I try to up my activity level when I do that. I lost 10 pounds and 12 inches in my 90 day challenge. Great for me, because it had been a struggle to lose anything once I hit a plateau on weight watchers. I know with Skinny Fiber I will get to my goal weight and then it will help me to maintain it! I will continue to take my 4 Skinny fiber capsules every day until I reach my goal and then I plan to cut back to 2 capsules a day, because I love the other health benefits I have noticed while taking my Skinny Fiber. For me, it is more about my overall health, the weight loss is a plus but I want to feel good and look good and Skinny Fiber has helped me with both of these.

 Skinny fiber has helped me, my friends, and so many others in my family lose those nagging pounds and get healthy. It has even helped my husband with his migraines. Who would have ever thought that a natural supplement made to battle obesity would help Roby's migraine headaches. We have spent so many years looking for him some relief and now it has been months and he still has not had to take any migraine meds. I love Skinny Fiber even more since it has helped the health of my dear husband (who has never been overweight) but has suffered  for over 30 years and now so far so good, nothing else has ever helped him. I think this would be good for all those that suffer from these horrible migraines. We absolutely make no claims that Skinny Fiber 'cures' anything.....however, my husband and many other customer's feedback that we're getting exemplifies how powerful the enzyme blend is in our all natural, stimulant free weight loss supplement, Skinny Fiber.
 I am thankful I decided to try Skinny Fiber, it has given me the boost I need to keep pushing forward in my journey to a healthier lifestyle.

 CHANGE YOUR LIFE and Health!!


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