Sunday, April 27, 2014


You know what the first thing that grabbed my attention about these photos is??? Her smile.....look at her smile in each of the three pictures. Its not about the number on the scale....its the confidence and happiness you gain when you start feeling better about yourself! She did it and so can you!
 Rhonda is looking good!!!! Congrats!!! :)

 Ok so I have taken Skinny Fiber faithfully for 2 90 Day Challenges. During the first 90 days I drank at least 8 glasses of water a day and that's all I changed. In the 2nd 90 day challenge I didn't do as good with my water, I was drinking about 4 glasses a day because of my work schedule. I did use my elliptical about 6 times and I did the cabbage soup diet for one week in November and one week in December. Other than that I haven't changed a thing. Now you just wait until you see me in another 90 days. I am adding in diet and exercise along with skinny fiber to put this weight loss into overdrive!

 Other benefits I have experienced using Skinny Fiber - no more IBS, no more knee pain, reduced headaches.
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