Friday, April 25, 2014

Keri De La Cruz

Wooohoooo Keri De La Cruz

It's been 19 days. I feel good.
I make it through every day without getting tired or feeling drained. I do feel really busy and I can never get everything done but it's not because I'm draggin myself around! I get great sleep even though I don't get to bed early enough. The quality of my sleep has improved SOOOO MUCH!!! I am regular in the restroom, where before my Skinny Fiber, I had a problem! Sorry if it's TMI but this is REAL LIFE people! Lol.
I am possibly still going through a little bit of the detox phase of SF because I do get a headache here and there but it could just be my body changing & working hard to get healthier.. along with my monthly visitor. So much is going on with my body and my PROGRESS!
When you try something new, especially when it comes to exercise & diet, allow your body time to adjust! Have patience and realize, even though you may not see drastic changes or any changes at all, your efforts WILL show amazing results IN TIME!!
Here I am! I see improvements! It's not my hair, that's for sure!!
My arms & legs are toning! My belt has tightened from notch 3 to notch 4. My shorts & some of my pants are starting to feel loose! I'm so excited to get my next bottle!!

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